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This is a summary of the Orientation Presentation. A reference tool for Scouts as they travel the Eagle Trail.


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All about the review process

Proposal Review Process
Rank Advancement Process

Where and When

Thank you for volunteering to sit on an Eagle Scout Board of Review. We meet at Los Cerros Middle School, 968 Blemer Rd, Danville. Please plan to be there around 6:45p so we can get reviews started at 7:00p. We try to be finished by 9:00p

General process

BSA guidelines for rank advancement recommend that a Board of Review last 30 minutes, and rarely should one last longer than 45 minutes. Allowing 10/15 or so minutes to review the binder before meeting with the Scout, a Board of Review should be able to complete in 45 minutes. In the case of a proposal, we should aim to complete that review within 30 minutes.

Proposal Review Process

Proposal Boards of Review

Scouts bring their Service Project Workbook to the Board, and give a short, verbal presentation of their proposed project after which they hand over copies of their Workbook to members of the Board. This is the time for Board members to review the Workbook and, at their discretion, they may excuse the Scout from the room.


As a Board, you discuss the proposal, ascertain its appropriateness, and evaluate it as a project that has planning and leadership challenges worthy of an Eagle Scout . In all likelihood, you will ask additional questions by way of clarification or make suggestions that may be helpful to the Scout in his detail planning.


After you approve his project, the Scout now has the task of developing and executing his work plan. You may offer some general direction but you are not responsible for and ought not to delve into any details involved with the development and execution of the plan. That is the job of the Scout working in conjunction with his adviser.

If  you determine that the proposal meets the criteria for approval, the Board Chair signs the approval page in the master (original) copy of the Workbook on behalf of the District.


The Scout now has approval to go ahead with his project.

Rank Advancement Process

Requesting a review

For Rank Advancement reviews, Brent Henderson asks Scouts to deliver their completed binders to him a week ahead of the Board of Review date.  He checks to make sure they are complete, have all the required signatures, and there are no glaring, show-stopper omissions. In particular, he is looking for:

* Eagle Scout Rank Application (Form 512-728) – it must be the current version regardless of when the Scout actually began his Trail to Eagle.

* Advancement Report (From 34403)

* Statement of Ambitions and Life Purpose

* Project Approval signature page from the Workbook

* Project completion page signed by the Beneficiary


Rank Advancement (Final) Boards of Review

In the thirty minutes or so that are available you need to assess the character of this Scout and determine if he meets the criteria and standards of someone who will reflect well all those notions associated with the community of Eagle Scouts. It’s a high and valuable honor and not one to be awarded lightly. In short, do you agree that he has earned it?


Check out the adjacent information and think about questions you would like to ask the Scout. For Rank Advancement, questions about his project are appropriate but should not dominate. It's important to find out what he’s learned from his journey to Eagle from bridging over to the present, to ask him about the relevance and importance of the Scout Oath and Law in his day to day life, and how he will continue to support Scouting in the future.