Orientation :  Scouts who have earned the rank of Life are encouraged to begin their Trail to Eagle right away. 

Looking for Eagle Project ideas, check out this link: 

Eagle Project Showcase

Scouting Record - Check with your Scoutmaster to get a copy of your record. This service is no longer provided by Council.

Registration - click on the following link, complete and submit the questionnaire:

 Orientation Registration 

We no longer hold formal Orientation sessions. Instead, please review the Google Slides presentation on this page along with related links to forms and articles. When we are able to resume face-to-face review boards, we will hold Q&A sessions for Scouts , their parents, and Advisers to get clarification on questions they may have.

Contact Nick Hall if you have questions:
Phone: (925) 272-9140 or eMail: Nick Hall

Orientation is a Scout's introduction to all the steps he or she will have to take if they want to attain Eagle Rank. All Scouts should plan to attend one of these sessions; along with the links on this page, there's lots of useful information that will make the journey less mysterious. And, it's OK if you want to come back again for a refresher session.

We encourage parents and Advisers to come along as well so you can see what lies ahead. Check the calendar for scheduled Orientation sessions.

Preparation for your Orientation Q & A session . . .
For this session to be useful, you need to do a little homework.

  • Review the Google Slides presentation 'Life to Eagle' below. Make notes about any questions you may have. We will address them at the session.
  • Download the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. It's a 26 page document so we don't recommend printing a hard copy. Do a quick read - just enough to be familiar with the document.
  • Download the Orientation Workbook Extract - it's eight pages. Either print a hard copy - recommend double-sided printing - or save it to a laptop or mobile device. Do read this extract carefully. You may want to bring it with you for the Orientation Q & A. We will be referring to the content. And, we will answer any questions you might have.
  • Download and print - hard copy this time - the Project Record & Checklist and The Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety.