Internet Advancement

Internet Advancement is here; retire your quill pens and parchment. Implementing this new process coincides with Registration so some Units may experience issues during this time while Council completes the Registration process for everyone. If you're experiencing access difficulties contact Council. If you just need some extra coaching to get to your comfort level, contact Sue Oki.


Internet Advancement is NOT a replacement for your Unit management program (packages such as Troopmaster or Packmaster). You should continue to use those as your original, source records for all your Unit's activities. Internet Advancement is a tool to help ensure your records and Council's are 'in sync' when it comes to rank , merit badges, and awards. For the time being, there's NO CHANGE to the process for Eagle Scout rank advancement - it has not yet been incorporated into the Internet Advancement tool.


For the moment, here's a tutorial and two YouTube videos. Also, for those who use iOS - there's an App! From the store, look for 'myscouttool' - load it up and off you go!!

Sue Oki's Internet Advancement presentation given at the February 9, 2017 Roundtable. Click the image for the big picture.