Things to know about processing your Eagle Scout Rank Advancement


Please check with your Scoutmaster, Advancement Chair or Adviser to learn about the temporary procedures we have established for review boards.

After you have completed the requirements for rank advancement, your next step is to request a Board of Review. Its purpose is to determine the quality of your experience and decide whether you have fulfilled the requirements for the rank. The Board of Review date becomes the effective advancement date. You must have completed all your Eagle requirements and have had your Scoutmaster conference before your 18th birthday. Rank advancement Boards of Review must be held no later than 90 days after your 18th birthday.

Request a Review



Scouting Record - Check with your Advancement Coordinator who has access through Internet Advancement to your Scouting record as held by BSA. With the introduction of this online function for Troops, Council staff no longer provide this service.


Eagle Rank Application - Download this fillable form and save the file on your computer. In general, forms from BSA work best using Adobe's Acrobat Reader program. Click here


Advancement Report This is a 3-part form available from the Council office. Request one at the same time as you submit your application for Council's verification of your Scouting record. Bring this form to your review with the contact information (upper left) filled out. We cannot process your rank application without this form.


Palm Awards - Check this link to read the new Guidelines for Palm awards. Currently, requesting Palm Awards is not available using Internet Advancement. To request Palm Awards, complete an Advancement Report - form 34403 , get it signed by your Scoutmaster, and take it to the Council Ofices for processing.

Ask your Scoutmaster or Advancement Chair to submit your Palm Award request using Internet Advancement.


Tour Plan - Effective April 1, 2017, Tour & Activity Plans have been eliminated.Find out more . . .

Click here: Tour & Activity Plan.

And here: Bryan on Scouting.


2020 Eagle Review Board Calendar

Life to Eagle Presentation - This is a supplement to the Orientation Presentation. Use it as a reference as you work your way through the steps to achieving Eagle Rank.

All the details

The first Eagle review board and Orientation Session of 2020 will be on January 16, 2020 at Los Cerros Middle School (Library).

We expect you to have delivered your completed paperwork and binders to Mr. Henderson or his stand-in  no later than end of day on the Friday before a review board session. If you anticipate a delay, you need to talk with Mr. Henderson before the Friday deadline, explain the circumstances, and agree on an acceptable course of action.

  1. You may submit a request for a review board before all your paperwork is complete BUT Meridian District will not schedule your  Eagle Board of Review until you have Council's verification signature on your Rank Application form.
  2. And, before you apply to Council for their verification, request a personal profile from your Troop advancement coordinator. Review the profile to make sure it matches what you have entered on your rank application form in all respects. If there are errors or omissions, contact the Program Assistant at Council and begin the process of resolving any issues. Council will not verify your application if there are unresolved issues.
  3. Next, click on the 'Request for Review' link above, and complete and submit the form. We send you an email confirmation that we received your request along with some additional instructions. Next, phone or email Mr.Henderson to arrange delivery of your original, signed Eagle Scout Rank Advancement form, along with an Advancement Report, and your original project binder plus two copies. Only after you physically deliver your completed documentation to Mr. Henderson will you be given a confirmed appointment time.
  4. When you get your appointment time, you are responsible for letting your Adviser know, and arranging to have him/her or  an alternate available to accompany you to your review board.
  5. If you have any questions you can contact:
    District: Nick Hall  (925-272-9140) or Brent Henderson (925-212-5453) for District review board questions
    Council: Program Assistant  (925-674-6126) for rank application certification.

* You need to allow 48 hours (Mon - Fri) for Council to process your Rank Application form. Council must have your original form which you may hand deliver or mail to the Council office marked to the attention of REGISTRAR who will advise you when the form is ready for pick up OR if there are records issues that need to be resolved.

The link below points to a useful checklist on Council's website.

Eagle Scout Rank Checklist