Project Proposal 

Forms & Guidelines

Service Project Workbook

Follow the link above and download the fillable pdf document following the instructions on the download page - do not attempt to open the Workbook in a browser.


Information for Beneficiaries

Follow the link for this guideline, and make sure to review it with your beneficiary. It's important that both the Beneficiary and yourself understand these ground rules.

Board of Review Calendar for 2019

Request for Review - fill in and submit this online form to request a review for your project proposal.

Boards of  Review are usually held on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 2949 Stone Valley Rd, Alamo.  Submit your request no later than end of day on the Friday before a review board session.


Project Proposal Reviews

Bring your Service Project Workbook plus two copies and one for yourself to the Board,  You MUST have the signatures of your Beneficiary, Scoutmaster, and Committee Chair on the Approvals page of your Workbook. 


Give a brief, verbal presentation of the proposal, and then give copies of the Workbook to the Board members who review the proposal, determine its appropriateness, and evaluate it as a project with planning and leadership challenges worthy of an Eagle Scout. It's usual for the Board to ask additional questions for clarification or suggest ideas that may be helpful to you in your detail planning.


If the Board decides the proposal meets the criteria for approval, the Board Chair signs the approval page in the master (original) copy of the Workbook on behalf of the District at which time you have approval to continue with your project. You may not proceed with his project until you have secured District approval.


If there is significant change to the scope of the project after this initial approval, you must request a new review.

Scouting Record (Personal Profile)

If you have not already reviewed your Scouting record now might be a good time to do so. Check with your Advancement Coordinator who has access to Council (BSA) records through Internet Advancement.